woman playing fluteJazz comes in as many colors and flavors as there are events to present it in, and its sophistication complements almost any hip function. From cool jazz to hot, traditional to bebop to swing to fusion, orchestral to solo or duo, or instrumental to vocal, Trapp Music can provide ensembles that make the air crackle -- but never overwhelm or intrude. Our musicians and singers, all established New York professionals, will tailor their repertoire to whatever style you prefer. The configurations include solo piano or guitar; the standard jazz trio (piano, bass, and drums); trio with one or more horns; and larger ensembles for dancing. Let Trapp Music design and contract the ideal group for your event.


Working with your tastes, budget, and available space, Trapp Music can provide ensembles ranging from solo piano or guitar to duos (piano and guitar, piano and saxophone, or any number of other combinations) to the standard jazz trio (piano, bass, and drums) to the same configuration augmented by guitar, vibraphones, horns ... the possibilities are endless. Whatever their size, our ensembles are sure to enhance, never to overwhelm your event.


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All enembles are available with or without singer


7-20 piece


Piano, Bass, Drums, Sax, Trumpet/Guitar


Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar/Sax/Trumpet
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Sax/Trumpet


Piano, Bass, Drums
Guitar/Sax/Trumpet, Bass, Drums


Piano, Bass
Bass, Sax
Piano, Drums