woman playing flute

Be it for good company, a shared purpose, or a celebration, when you bring people together the right music can make water taste like wine. Nothing excites quite like a live performance delivered as intimately as a warm embrace. Trapp Music gives your cocktail party an effervescent touch, in the form of jazz. Without sacrificing spontaneity, we can tailor the program to fit the temperament of your guests and the limits of your venue.

A cocktail party is about meeting, networking, reuniting with old acquaintances, and sharing relaxed conversation. Nothing enhances such a gathering like a subtle background of sophisticated jazz. It puts your guests at ease as soon as they walk through the door; it makes them feel sophisticated before they've said a word.






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"Thank you so much for creating such a sizzling atmosphere at our cocktail party. Your music made everyone come to life and we are still getting e-mails from our guests complementing us for having such great live music. What fantastic musicians you all are! We can't wait to hear you at our next event."

-John & Daniella J. - New York, NY